Urban Nature

Urban nature helps the city adapt to face the weather conditions of the future, enhances biodiversity, and makes our city a great place to live.

Urban nature in Copenhagen 2015–2025

Urban Nature in Copenhagen 2015–2025 is an ambitious political decision. With this strategy, we have an ambitious policy that defines the specific effects, goals, efforts and conditions that we need to implement in order to achieve our common visions: 

  • Creating more urban nature in Copenhagen
  • Enhancing the quality of the urban nature in Copenhagen.

Our approach

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Green planning tool

The green planning tool is a key part of implementing the strategy via tangible actions in public construction projects and in local development plans.

The tool calculates a “green factor” for each project site, which quantifies both the scope and quality of the urban nature on it.

  • The numeric values vary from 0–2, with 0 the lowest and 2 the highest. The categories are low (0-0.4), medium (0.5-0.9) or high (1-2.0).
  • The scope of urban nature constitutes the total area of grass surfaces, permeable surfaces, water surfaces, flower beds, hedges, trees, bushes, green roofs and green façades on the project site.
  • The quality is defined by four factors: uniqueness, climate adaptation, biodiversity and recreation.​

The green planning tool helps the City of Copenhagen systematically incorporate more and better urban nature into public construction projects and local development plans. The green planning tool will be tested on selected projects in 2017.

Tree policy

The City of Copenhagen Tree Policy 2016–2025 came into force in 2016. The overall objective of the policy is to increase the total number of trees in the city and provide good growing conditions for both existing and new trees and a range of species.

The tree policy is based on five principles:

  • Principle #1: As a rule, existing trees in Copenhagen must be preserved.
  • Principle #2: Particularly valuable trees in Copenhagen must be identified and preserved.
  • Principle #3: More trees must be planted in Copenhagen.
  • Principle #4: Good growing conditions must be encouraged for both new and existing trees in Copenhagen.
  • Principle #5: The diversity of tree species in Copenhagen must be guaranteed.

100,000 trees

The City of Copenhagen is aiming to plant 100,000 new trees in the next decade.

The Technical and Environmental Department has drawn up the first of three prioritisation plans to ensure that the goal is reached.

The plan stipulates the basis for tree planting in Copenhagen as well as a list of specific planting proposals. The plan forms the basis for prioritising investments in trees and organises the day-to-day work with trees in over the next few years.

Professional delegations

If you are a professional delegation and wish to visit Copenhagen to learn more about our approach to urban development, then please contact Meet Copenhagen.

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