Resource & Waste Management

All Copenhageners must have the opportunity to act with awareness of resources. We create a framework for a circular lifestyle where waste is not just waste but resources we use again.

"Circular Copenhagen" is the name of the City of Copenhagen's Resource and Waste Management Plan for 2019-2024.

The plan focuses on circular economy and aims to reduce the amount of waste sent for incineration.

Circular Copenhagen has two main objectives

  • 70 % of household and light industrial and commercial waste to be sorted and collected for recycling
  • Tripling reuse

More waste sorting, better opportunities for reuse, innovative collaborations with companies on sorting, reuse, recycling, and new technical solutions are pivotal points in the plan.

The challenge

Currently, a lot of limited resources are considered waste after usage. They are thus thrown away to be burned and not coming back. Therefore, even more resources must be included in a circular economy, rather than being taken out of circulation. In Copenhagen, we want to be better at reusing and sorting our waste for recycling.

Our approach

We are working to achieve the goals of 70 percent sorting and tripling reuse through a range of activities such as:

  • Establishing approx. 550 public sorting points
  • New local recycling hubs and better reuse facilities at recycling stations
  • Waste sorting in Copenhagen's citizen-oriented institutions
  • More sorting, particularly of food waste and plastics
  • New technological solutions for post-sorting of residual waste

Are you a knowledge company? Join us!

Circular Copenhagen drives a platform engaging in innovative partnerships developing circular economy solutions supporting the objectives of the Waste and Resource Management Plan 2024.

Reach out if you are a company or a knowledge institution and wish to engage in dialogue about possible joint innovation projects.

Need information on recycling household waste?

Visit the homepage for information on how to sort your household waste in Copenhagen.


International Delegations

International Delegations

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Meet Copenhagen City

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Waste and Resources

Waste and Resources

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