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Welcome to Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, we work hard every day to ensure that the city – both now and in future – is a clean, green and good place to be, with a high quality of life, great potential for economic growth and a healthy environment.

Here, you can read about some of the many initiatives and strategies that will help provide good frameworks for citizens, businesses and guests, and about how we are working to address the long-term challenges of population growth and climate change.


Co-Create Copenhagen
Copenhagen is to be in the premier league of vibrant cities in 2025. Co-Create Copenhagen is the vision that will get us there.
44 % bike to work and education in Copenhagen
In Copenhagen, cycling represents a serious means of transport. Bikes are used by everyone for everything.
Urban Nature in Copenhagen
Urban nature helps the city adapt to face the weather conditions of the future, enhances biodiversity and makes our city a great place to live.