Sharing Copenhagen

Sharing Copenhagen supports partnerships and projects with the city's enthusiasts, creative entrepreneurs, actors in the cultural field, organisations, and businesses.

Sharing Copenhagen enables people and agendas to meet through project coaching, seed money, and lots of co-creation. Thus, creating viable projects that support the city's social, cultural, and sustainable development goals and strategies.

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The challenge

The challenge is to seize the ideas of committed entrepreneurs for developing a city with an edge and thus create projects relevant to the citizens and visitors of Copenhagen.

Our approach

The basic idea is trust and respect for the ideas and drive of new entrepreneurs. Sharing Copenhagen's role is to be the project's ambassador to the municipality and help ensure rapid progress. They do this through project development consultation and guidance on regulatory requirements.

Projects can also apply for co-financing and partnership with Sharing Copenhagen.

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Case: Wild horses – Amager Fælled

Exmoor ponies from Langeland have been released on Amager Common. They are part of the conservation of the area, and a means for educating about nature as an entity, all the while eating invasive plant species and adding further biodiversity to the area.

Copenhagen Grazing Cooperative is the driving force behind the project, together with Sharing Copenhagen, from whom they received financing.

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