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Visions and goals for urban life in Copenhagen 2035.

Copenhagen is and should be a city for people. We will future-proof the city, and we will do it based on the everyday life of the people of Copenhagen. It is about ensuring the best conditions for biking, swimming in the harbour, community in the streets, and playing in green areas – the everyday life and the pulse of Copenhagen.

openhagen is one of the world’s best cities to live in, and it should remain so in the future. Therefore, we will use the current challenges and opportunities to create the future city for 2035. A city where high quality of life goes hand in hand with innovative urban development. 

Copenhagen is known for its bike lanes and bathing in the harbour, and in the future, we should also be known as a climate-friendly, green, and inclusive city.

Please enjoy reading our vision for Copenhagen: A Copenhagen that is the world’s best city of everyday life to the people of Copenhagen. And a Copenhagen that sets new standards as to how we tackle the complex challenges of our time.


Link to our PDF library (Danish text; English link to the publication).

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If you are a professional delegation and wish to visit Copenhagen to learn more about our approach to urban development, then please contact Meet Copenhagen.

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