Copenhagen Solutions Lab

Copenhagen Solutions Lab works with creating a more sustainable Copenhagen through technology, data, and partnerships.

As our population increases, so does the challenge of ensuring a clean, lovely, and smart city that can provide the setting for a good everyday life. Copenhagen Solutions Lab supports sustainable urban development with efforts in two areas:

  1. Technology and data
  2. Innovative partnerships.

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Technology and data

Smarter and more efficient use of resources and data can help drive the sustainable development of Copenhagen forward. Hence, we work with how technology and data can respond to the challenges facing Copenhagen.

Case: We collaborated with Google on mapping air pollution in Copenhagen. Knowledge of air pollution in different areas of the city makes it possible to create a cleaner and better city for everyone.

Innovative partnerships

The partnerships focus on sustainable green development and on solving difficult problems facing Copenhagen. Through close collaboration between the municipality and companies, Copenhagen obtains the best solutions adjusted to the needs of the city. At the same time, the ambition is to support growth and employment, which benefits both citizens and companies.

Case: Through a partnership on smart waste solutions with two Copenhagen companies we developed an intelligent waste bin that reports itself when it needs to be emptied. This saves time and CO2 while at the same time keeping the city clean for the benefit of citizens and visitors.

About us

Copenhagen Solutions Lab is part of the Technical and Environmental Administration but works across different fields. We create holistic and coherent solutions that secure a smart and sustainable city for everyone.

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