Mobility – how we get around in the city

In Copenhagen we are determined to optimise our roads, cycle tracks, traffic lights, and public transport, so citizens and visitors can move around in the city easily and sustainably.

Copenhagen has a goal, that 75 % of all trips in the city should be on foot, on a bike, and with public transport. We have three focus areas for reaching that goal: Fewer using cars, better metro and better traffic management. 

Get to know more about the focus areas below.

The three focus areas for mobility in Copenhagen

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More people to bike, take a train, or walk – fewer cars

There is a general goal in the municipal plan of Copenhagen, that at least 75% of all trips to, in and from Copenhagen should be done on foot, by bike or public transport. The Municipal plan also stipulates a goal of maximum 25% car trips.

In these years, the number of road users grows, because Copenhagen gets more and more citizens, commuters and visitors. To reach the goal of the municipal plan, this rising traffic should be dominated by cycling, walking, and public transport. This is why we work on creating an even more coherent city with efficient and green means of transport.

When moving transport from cars to cycling, walking and public transport, there will be more space on the roads for businesses and citizens, that actually need a car to make the daily life function.

The efforts are already bearing fruit, for even though the number of new Copenhageners and new cars have risen, the car traffic has not. Copenhagen is therefore on its way towards the goal, and we continue to develop public transport and an attractive cycling network to keep up with demographic changes.

More metro

In 2019, a new line of metro called M3 City Ring opened. This expansion means that more than 100 000 new passengers daily use public transport in Copenhagen.

Bus, train, and metro are adjusted to each other to make it easy to combine them.

We also continue our efforts to make it easy to combine bicycle and public transport, for example by offering City Bikes, bicycle parking at the stations, and possibilities to take the bicycle with you to metro, train, and bus.

Getting around in traffic more easily

Good accessibility is both about making the traffic flow optimally, and about adjusting road user’s expectations about how easily and quickly they can move around. That’s why we work with traffic management in a targeted manner and have adopted service goals about how fast cyclists, pedestrians, buses, and cars should get to their destinations. This makes it clearer, which road users are prioritised on which stretches.

A growing city has many construction projects going on. Therefore, we are also focused on coordinating the constructions that affect the road network, so that accessibility for cyclists, busses, and cars remains as good as possible

Plans and strategies for mobility in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen mobility effort is grounded in a series plans and strategies. These plans are interconnected and mutually supplemental, and often refer to the goals and measures taken in other plans. This ensures commitment across the administration.