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Climate Adaptation

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  • Tåsinge Plads
  • Tåsinge Plads
The Climate Adaptation Plan seeks to protect Copenhagen from cloudbursts, rising sea levels and other manifestations of climate change.


Heavier rainfall and rising sea levels are the main climate challenges facing Copenhagen. Significant progress has already been made in protecting the city from the effects of torrential downpours, and the focus is now on coping with rising sea levels.

The Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan

The City of Copenhagen’s Climate Adaptation Plan outlines measures designed to address the challenges posed by climate change. One of the main points in the plan is that climate solutions must also take urban development into account and not just focus on minimising potential damage.

Any “climate-proofing” must also help improve the quality of life. Planners need to integrate flexible solutions for rainwater into the design and development of recreational areas, and make climate adaptation and the planning of an attractive green city two sides of the same coin.

The Copenhagen Cloudburst Management Plan – 300 projects

Copenhagen has also drawn up a cloudburst plan, which outlines strategies and proposals for solutions to specific street-level problems caused by torrential downpours. The Cloudburst Management Plan is currently in the implementation phase. The first projects have been completed, and the knowledge and experience gained from them will inform future initiatives. The plan comprises a total of 300 projects over the next two decades.

We are already well underway. Along the waterfront, new drainage outlets protect parts of the inner city. And the first cloudburst park – on Tåsinge Plads, Østerbro – faced its first real test during a particularly heavy downpour in September 2015, when it helped spare the local area from flood damage. In 2016, the new St. Annæ Square was inaugurated which also acts as cloudbursts solution and secure areas in and around St. Annæ Square against torrential rain. In the years to come new cloudburst projects will be implemented continuously across the city to secure the city against cloudburst while creating a greener Copenhagen.