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Urban Life Account

  • Vester Voldgade
  • Inderhavnsbroen
  • Søren Kierkegaards Plads
  • Copenhagen Streetfood, Papirøen
Copenhagen systematically measures and maps trends so that the city’s development meets the needs of its people.

As a city, Copenhagen works well. It is very much alive, but this success did not come about by accident. It is the result of years of dedicated efforts to develop and improve the city, driven by a clear focus on Copenhageners and on everyone who uses, visits, works with or runs a business in Copenhagen.

In 2010, the City of Copenhagen published its first Urban Life Account, which monitors the status of three key ambitions in the vision ‘A Metropolis for People’. That vision has since been replaced by a new one: ‘Co-create Copenhagen: Vision for 2025’, which sets more ambitious technical and environmental goals aimed at ensuring that the Copenhagen of 2025 is still a great city for everyone – a place where everyday urban life is a top priority.

The Urban Life Account measures and evaluates the quality of and satisfaction with urban life in the city. It covers the City of Copenhagen’s strategies and initiatives to improve urban life, the way Copenhageners experience urban life in their city, and other factors that influence developments in the area.