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A Harbour of Opportunities

  • The Harbour Bath Islands Brygge
  • Cirkelbroen
  • Søren Kierkegaards Plads
The City of Copenhagen is developing the old industrial harbour with recreational oases and new residential areas.

Over the recent years, the port of Copehagen has been abandoned by many major industrial companies, allowing for new initiatives in the harbor providing a unique opportunity to develop a more welcoming and recreational harbor.

Copenhagen's goal is that more people will use the green and blue areas in the city and that they stay longer. This also largely applies to the harbor, where there is an enormous potential for more and improved activities.

The Vision 'A Harbour of Opportunities' focuses on the harbour’s potential as a recreational urban space and reflects on  what it takes to unfold  this potential.

'A Harbour of opportunity' focuses on eight themes:

• More activities in the harbor

• Better access to and from the water

• More public spaces by the water

• Better routes and connections

• A clean and welcoming harbor

• A harbor with a healthy balanced nature

• Events and temporary projects

• Variation and room for diversity