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Energy Lab Nordhavn

  • With 40,000 new inhabitants and jobs, Nordhavn creates a unique framework for a city laboratory
  • Energy Lab Nordhavn develops and tests solutions for electricity, heat, energy efficient buildings and electrical transport in a 1: 1 scale.
  • Nordhavn offers new possibilities for the design of urban space and the use of, for example, roofs for activities and playgrounds.
Energylab Nordhavn is a full-scale urban lab.

Energylab Nordhavn is the first urban laboratory of its kind in Denmark. The 12 partners use it to present demonstrations and conduct research into technology designed to increase the use of renewable energy and guarantee that the energy system keeps on working, even when there is no wind or sunshine.

It is possible to store renewable energy? Is it possible to heat homes with surplus heat from a supermarket? It is possible to charge electric vehicles while the price of electricity is lowest? How can we store energy?  These are some of the challenges Energylab Nordhavn is addressing as part of the vision of Nordhavn as a sustainable district where every resource is exploited to the absolute maximum.

Nordhavn is a brand new disctrict, being built from scratch, which presents a unique opportunity to work on the interface between architecture, buildings, infrastructure, the needs of the residents of the future and the requirements placed on a flexible energy system.